So, You’ve Decided To Make a new Purchase!  

Your next decision is how best to pay for it? You likely have options, but here’s one you may not have known about. When you purchase through In The Hunt Trailers, you have access to a special level of the banks! This ideal financing has many advantages for you, including:

 Flexibility; customized to your liking
 No collateral except your purchase
 Fully open; no penalties for early payout
 Attractive fixed rates for peace of mind
 Extended amortization for comfortable payments
 Bridge finance options
 Easy in-store paperwork

So, why tie up your hard earned cash? Keep it for investment opportunities or, heaven forbid, and emergency! They do happen…

Work With A Pro!

When it comes to financing, In The Hunt Trailers works with two finance brokers;

Polaris Leasing
Polaris Leasing

At Polaris Leasing, our people are ready to answer your questions, providing the experience and knowledge, adaptability and flexibility you need to have a positive lease experience with us.  You have the option of choosing from a number of innovative lease structures and we will help you determine which lease structure best meets your unique needs and bottom line.

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